The Best Fall Essential Oils for Smelling, Baking and Sipping

What do you love most about the fall season?

Light sweaters and leggings, hot apple cider on chilly mornings, the crimson color of the leaves – is it possible to pick only one thing?

One thing I love about this season is the autumn scents. Back in the Midwest, you step outside and take in the smell of leaves falling and blowing in the wind. It doesn’t smell quite fall-ish here in the desert, so I’m bringing autumn to Arizona by diffusing fall essential oils!

Do you want your house to smell like autumn without all of the chemicals of candles? Here's your guide to fall essential oils! Find the best ones for smelling, baking and sipping.

And the autumn essential oils don’t only smell amazing, but they deliver several physical and emotional benefits. You can keep these oils on hand all year round for digestive, metabolic and immune support. Breathe in the comforting fall scents knowing the oils are cleansing the air. Additionally, some of the oils can be stimulating and energizing.

I love using some of these oils for healthy fall baking or a spicy addition to my morning cup of coffee. Ah, there are so many incredible things about the fall essential oils, so let’s dive in!

5 Fall Essential Oils

Here are the best smelling essential oils to make your home smell like fall:

1. Cinnamon Bark

Obviously, cinnamon has to be included in your autumn essential oils kit. This smell has a warmth to it that brings comfort during the colder months.

Don't forget Cinnamon in your fall essential oils collection! Here are a few benefits of Cinnamon essential oil and how to use it.

I love using Cinnamon Bark oil for my fall baking. It pairs so nicely with apples, pears, pumpkin – just about anything, really. The smell of Cinnamon Bark baking in the oven with something fluffy makes the house smell even better than if you were diffusing it, in my opinion. I put a drop in my sweet potato waffle batter and just love when that scent wafts through the air in the morning.

A drop of cinnamon also goes nicely in a pumpkin spice latte or your nighttime tea. Just be careful not to overdo it; Cinnamon Bark is a highly potent oil and doesn’t work for everyone to ingest. It typically isn’t a problem in baked goods, but be careful with one cup of coffee or tea.

A few benefits of Cinnamon essential oil:

  • Cinnamon Bark supports healthy metabolic function.
  • This essential oil strengthens a healthy immune system.*
  • Cinnamon is the oil of sexual harmony and can promote feelings to help you accept your body.

How you can use Cinnamon essential oil this fall:

  • Place one drop of Cinnamon essential oil in hot water or tea with honey and drink slowly to soothe your throat.*
  • During your nightly routine, add one drop of Cinnamon to two ounces of water and gargle for an effective mouth rinse.
  • Place two to three drops of Cinnamon essential oil in a spray bottle with water for a quick and effective cleaning spray.
  • Add this essential oil to your favorite recipes in place of ground cinnamon for a delightfully spicy flavor.

2. Cassia

I ordered Cassia essential oil on a whim this month, and to my surprise, I’ve become a bit obsessed with it. It has a strong, spicy and slightly woody aroma that is warming, calming and uplifting. It’s in the same family as cinnamon, but I actually like the smell even better.

Don't forget Cassia in your fall essential oils collection! Here are a few benefits of Cassia essential oil and how to use it.

A few benefits of Cassia essential oil:

  • This essential oil promotes healthy digestion.*
  • It supports healthy immune system and response function.
  • Cassia may help to reduce stress.
  • This essential oil has strong surface cleansing properties.
  • It is known as the oil of self-assurance, which may promote feelings of confidence (another reason I LOVE it!)

How you can use Cassia essential oil this fall:

  • Use Cassia in place of cinnamon for cooking, or add a drop to coffee or tea.
  • Diffuse with citrus oils or White Fir for an amazing autumn scent.
  • Combine one to two drops of Cassia along with Lemon in a glass of water to aid digestion.

3. Clove

Clove is a stimulating and energizing oil that adds a spicy scent to fall essential oil blends. This is a great oil to include in your pumpkin recipes.

With seasonal threats being high this time of year, Clove is great to have on hand. It helps to quench free radicals and maintain a healthy immune system. Clove is also well known for having cleansing properties that may help protect against environmental threats.

Don't forget Clove in your fall essential oils collection! Here are a few benefits of Clove essential oil and how to use it.

A few benefits of Clove essential oil:

  • Clove soothes and supports the nervous system.*
  • It may help to support healthy cellular function.*
  • It promotes a healthy immune response when under stress.

How you can use Clove essential oil this fall:

  • Add Clove to any dish or dessert for a spicy flavor.
  • Diffuse three drops of Clove with two drops of Cinnamon and one drop of Wild Orange for an invigorating scent.
  • Place one drop of Clove in two ounces of water and gargle for a soothing effect. This powerful oil helps to clean the teeth and gums while promoting fresh breath.

4. doTERRA On Guard

doTERRA’s OnGuard blend combines the previous three oils plus Wild Orange, Eucalyptus and Rosemary to make a powerful oil for immune support during the fall season. It’s great to diffuse not only for the autumn-ish scent, but for its cleansing properties. At this time of year, it’s a good idea to put a couple drop of On Guard on the bottoms of your feet for an immune boost.

Don't forget doTERRA On Guard in your fall essential oils collection! Here are a few benefits of doTERRA On Guard essential oil and how to use it.

A few benefits of On Guard essential oil blend:

  • Supports healthy immune and respiratory function*
  • Protects against environmental threats*
  • Supports the body’s natural antioxidant defenses*
  • Promotes healthy circulation*
  • Energizing and uplifting aroma

A few ways to use doTERRA On Guard:

  • Add to water for an effective all-purpose surface cleaner.
  • Soak sliced apples in water and a few drops for a healthy, immune-boosting snack.
  • Diffuse to help cleanse the air and add a spicy and sweet aroma.

5. Ginger

I’m a big fan of Ginger essential oil mainly because of its digestive properties, but it’s also a great one to include in your fall essential oils blend. Diffuse it with Cinnamon or any of the other autumn oils listed here, or put a drop in your tea for a happy tummy. It’s also great to cook with!

Don't forget Ginger in your fall essential oils collection! Here are a few benefits of Ginger essential oil and how to use it.

A few benefits of Ginger essential oil:

  • May help to support healthy digestion*
  • May help to reduce bloating, gas, and occasional indigestion*
  • May help reduce occasional nausea*
  • Ginger is the oil of empowerment and may help relieve feelings of hopelessness.

How to use Ginger essential oil this fall:

  • Apply over lower abdomen for a soothing massage.
  • Use one to two drops in place of whole ginger in favorite recipes.
  • Diffuse to help create a sense of equilibrium.
  • Diffuse for added energy in late afternoons.

How to Buy Fall Essential Oils

If you want to stock your home with fresh autumn scents that also provide natural healing solutions, I can help you get pure and safe essential oils at wholesale price. Shoot me an email or leave a comment if you’re interested. I hope you’ll fall in love with these oils as much as I have!

What is your favorite autumn scent? Let me know by leaving a comment!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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