TGIF: High Heels and Tacos

Another Friday already? Hey, I’ll take it! Especially since Friday for me this week means I get to see my family!

I’m heading back to Illinois today for a long weekend with the fam. Wine with Mom, kisses from the little nephew, and the first signs of Midwest fall – the weekend ahead has all of the simple wonderful things that make me smile. Except for, of course, my hubby and my Yoshi, but the three of us are having our fair share of alone time down here in Arizona!

our first year of marriage

I’m excited to see my family and to be around people I know. That’s something you miss when you move to a new place. But two months in and I feel like I’m connecting with more people here. There’s even a solid group who would actually know me if they saw me out, and that feels good!

But enough about what’s ahead – TGIF posts are about reflecting on the days before. If you’re new to the blog, here’s how TGIF posts work:

  • T – Truth: Tell me something you learned about yourself this week.
  • G – Growth: Describe one way in which you grew this week, whether it’s in the direction of a goal or something unexpected.
  • I – Inspiration: List one thing that inspired you this week.
  • F – Fun: Talk about what you did to have FUN this week!

I’ll start us off…


I was surprised to discover how much more confident I feel wearing high heels out and about! I’ve always said that I hate heels because they’re terribly uncomfortable. And, really, I typically feel awkward being taller.

Maybe it’s that I’m becoming more confident in general. I never used to feel like I could “own” being a bit taller, but I busted out the heels this week for a few meetings and felt awesome! I even wore them yesterday to run errands and felt like I had a completely different presence about me.

Tip: If you’re going to try this at home, get somewhat comfortable heels 🙂


I went to a networking class taught by a couple awesome ladies who I met here. This was eye-opening for me with my writing business – many of my clients are people who I’ve been in contact with online or whom I’ve met through people I knew in Iowa and Illinois. Now, I have the opportunity to grow my network all over again here in Arizona.

But I can be quite shy when it comes to talking about my writing business, so this networking class was a huge help. Being reserved about what I can offer sure as heck isn’t going to get me new business. It’s time to start recognizing what I can actually do for people and not be so afraid to let them know. I have to remind myself – confident doesn’t necessarily mean cocky.

Do you struggle with telling people about your business, a passion project or another big goal you’re working toward? This post shares my best tips for confidently introducing yourself. I’d love to hear how you’re working on improving your confidence in this area!


I signed up for my first blogging conference for next year in Orlando, right in my old neighborhood. The big investment and the idea of going back to where I lived have me all sorts of anxious and excited. But this big block on my calendar will serve as huge inspiration for me to keep going with my blog when it gets tough.

Not to mention, going to a conference solo is way out of my comfort zone. It will definitely inspire me to step my networking game up!


Taco Fest! A guy we know from our hometown who lives out here invited us to Chandler’s Taco Fest, and it. was. awesome! Tacos everywhere, margaritas for days and friendly conversation with a fellow Streator High graduate, what else could a senorita ask for?

TGIF rockin taco

Your Turn

That’s all the fun and inspiration I’ve got for the week. How about you? Share your TGIFs in the comments or tell me about them over on the Naturally Ever After Facebook Page!

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