TGIF – Take Responsibility for Your Life

Happy Friday, readers!

I don’t know about you guys, but I was ready for Friday by about Wednesday afternoon this week. It has been an awesome week with lots of great things happening, yet my mind has just felt a little mushy. Do you ever have those brain-mush days?

I’m trying to adapt to this concept of “scoring” my week based on my actions toward my goals, without getting overly obsessed about it. This is an idea from an excellent goal-setting book I read earlier this year called The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks than Others Do in 12 Months <affiliate link. Rather than giving myself a number, I like to keep this self-measurement strategy more fun and open with these TGIF reflections.

Self-reflection time! Share your truths, growth, inspirations and fun from the week :)

Having gone through the whole diet mentality for years, I try avoid evaluating myself by numeric value as much as I can control, (which isn’t easy given that I’m in sales and blogging!). TGIFs give me a chance to reflect on the values I’m really working toward, rather than striving for a certain number or creating numeric judgement. Try them out for yourself!

I want to get you guys in on the Friday fun. Every Friday on Naturally Ever After, I’ll share my biggest reflections, inspirations and favorite finds from the week and ask you to do the same!

Here’s what TGIF looks like:

  • T – Truth: Tell me something you learned about yourself this week.
  • G – Growth: Describe one way in which you grew this week, whether it’s in the direction of a goal or something unexpected.
  • I – Inspiration: List one thing that inspired you this week.
  • F – Fun: Talk about what you did to have FUN this week!

I’ll start us off…


I need to start taking 100% responsibility of my life.

Earlier this week, I came to the harsh realization that everything I own breaks long before its shelf life should be up. Then I rely on Kyle to fix it for me. In reality, I need to be an adult and take better care of my things.

That cell phone that hasn’t been able to make a call on the first try since I got it in November? Fixed it.

The chrome book that crashes every time I use it for 5 minutes? Fixed it.

That dentist appointment I’ve been meaning to make? Made it. Had to get another filling. Damn it, responsibility!

Time to take 100% responsibility for your life!
Like the time I used this phone for 3 months before getting a new one…


My goal with Naturally Ever After is to reach as many women as possible and help them overcome body shame and anxiety with natural solutions. This week my story is getting out to an even larger audience with the publication of The Book of Hope: 31 True Stories from Real People Who Didn’t Give Up, a collection edited by Krysta Gibson of New Spirit Journal. My story on overcoming an eating disorder and depression is published in there along with 30 other amazing contributions from people who didn’t give up hope. Woot!

If you’d like to check it out or you know anyone who can use a light of hope, you can buy the book here:


I got an email from a good friend of mine in Des Moines whose 15-year-old daughter is suffering from depression. With May being mental health month, my friend is looking to get her story out and remove the stigma around mental illness. Her story is absolutely heartbreaking and inspiring, and I know it will be published online soon so I will share it with y’all. But this has been my inspiration this week to keep going.

In the beginning stages of a new blog, it’s hard to think you’re making an impact. But I know I have a purpose here, and my friend has reminded me of that. Even if one person gets something out of my thoughts and experience here, it will all be worth it to me.


I got to play sand volleyball this week! It was a 9:15 p.m. game, which doesn’t suit too well with my 4 a.m. mornings, but I’m so glad I said yes and played! It was a beautiful night with wonderful new girl friends, and the chance to play my favorite sport in the sand. So fun!

Get out of your routine once in a while. You’ll be glad you did 😉

Your Turn!

Leave your TGIF thoughts in the comments below! Can’t wait to hear what you all have been up to this week.

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  • Ok Mishi,
    T= I learned that I am far more resilient and stronger than I thought I was.
    G= I have learned to use the ‘wisdom” quotes that I print and save in a photo album, as a personal self help source to change my thinking during a stressful time successfully.
    I= My inspiration was looking back at what I’ve overcome and using it as fuel to keep me going.
    F= Leaving life’s trials and tribulations behind me, to enjoy a long overdue walk with my soulmate, Tim.
    So there you have it. Shift focus from Sean, for which I have no control of, to ME, to be able to enjoy my life, without feeling guilty.
    Love you
    Aunt Barbie’ 😘

    • Hi Barb, thanks for sharing! You certainly are resilient and one of the strongest women I know! I love your use of the wisdom quotes as a personal help source. I do something close to that, with a journal full of affirmations and goals and such.

      Love you!!

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