TGIF: Stick to Your True Intentions

TGIF! Not only is it Friday, but it’s a 3-day weekend! I tend to forget about those now that I don’t go into an office. Maybe Boss Michelle will let me take a half-day on Monday. She can be a real stickler sometimes.

Fridays on the blog are TGIF posts, inviting you guys to reflect on your week and share your big wins and aha moments. I’m considering turning these into an email newsletter and posting more self-love tips on Fridays – what do you think?

Either way, here’s my TGIF for the week. Please share yours in the comments!

Self-reflection time! Share your truths, growth, inspirations and fun from the week :)


I learned that I have a lot to learn, and perhaps I’ve even been setting unrealistic expectations. I am all for dreaming big, but my big dreams won’t come true if I don’t work my butt off and prepare for any and every obstacle that may come up.


I set a big goal for myself this month with my essential oils business, and since I had 5 classes on the schedule I thought for sure I’d hit it. But I got overconfident and overlooked some very basic things. I let my main purpose for doing this get away from me with the focus on the goal.

My growth happened with the mental shift I gained after those oils classes. When income coincides with an emotion-driven goal, it’s far too easy for me to let the dollar signs override the real purpose here. I’d been struggling with that for a couple months, but I think it finally hit me hard and brought my mindset back to the real purpose.

Lesson learned: Prepare, and understand your true intentions. Stick to them!

I am not out to sell oils, but to inspire people to be open to a natural health lifestyle. In my classes this month, I’m not sure if that was evident. But I’ll be sure to never let the monetary goal overtake my purpose for doing this again!


Quite a few lovely ladies left comments on my body image post from earlier this week declaring what they appreciate about their body. It’s inspiring to me to hear your answers and see your body love! Thank you, readers, for sharing, and keep the body positivity going!


On Wednesday I decided to do something weird – I went to a group running club for the first time in two years. I don’t run much anymore, but I was eager to get out and do something different, to socialize and go be in the city.

However, after two years they of course have changed the time and day of their weekly group run, so no one was there. I still took the opportunity to go for a short run through downtown Des Moines, feeling incredibly nostalgic for all that marathon training when I first moved here.

Even though I was on my own, it was fun to mix things up! Now I feel like doing more spontaneous things just to get out of my routine.

Fleet Feet running group
Throwback…Friday? 3 years ago, my first group run at Fleet Feet in Des Moines made me never want to miss a week. These girls are all awesome!

Your Turn

That’s all for me this week. How about you? What do you do for fun this week? What inspired you? Share your TGIF by leaving a comment!

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  • T- My mind has difficulty focusing on one task for an entire work day. It is so used to completong several tasks within that same 8 hour time period.

    G- I have opened up within my internship office and went to a few lunches. This is huge because my anxiety just says, “No”

    I- I went to visit my afterschool day care kids.. because this transition has been hard… and they werw all asking suchs inquisitive questions about my new job. They are all my little Cheer squad!!

    F- Austin and I went to visit friends in Clear Lake last Friday, I got to let loose a bit. Then I hosted an Oils Class and shared my love for them thanks for my friend Michelle.

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