TGIF: Confidence, Coffee and Crayons

Happy Friday, my dear readers! It has been a while since we did a little TGIF post. In case you’ve forgotten to have fun on Fridays, here’s your friendly reminder 😉

Go get a latte, a new box of crayons or a library book! Take yourself on a date. Try a new hairstyle.

You get it – do something different.

Why? Because it’s Friday!

If you’re new to the blog, you might not have been ready for all that Friday excitement. So, here’s the deal with TGIF posts. Every Friday, I share a little weekly reflection and invite you to do the same. They go like this:

  • T – Truth: Tell me something you learned about yourself this week.
  • G – Growth: Describe one way in which you grew this week, whether it’s in the direction of a goal or something unexpected.
  • I – Inspiration: List one thing that inspired you this week.
  • F – Fun: Talk about what you did to have FUN this week!

I’ll start us off…


I’ve learned that I’m becoming more confident – as a person, in my writing and in meeting new people. Confidence has always been my downfall, and I’ve been doing a lot of work lately to uncover why that is. I’m also taking action to realize my qualities and increase my feelings of self-worth.

I’m planning to tell y’all what has been working for me in an upcoming post, but for now I’ll leave you with one tip that is really helping: Whenever you get some time to daydream – you’re eating, driving, stuck in line, going for a walk – think about your past achievements. Fill your mind with times in the past when you’ve been confident. Do this and you’ll eventually re-work the negative movie your mind tends to play about your abilities.


Guys, I nailed my splits!!! I made it my goal to be able to do the splits after Kyle and I came back from our honeymoon in January. In Mexico, we saw a few theater shows at our resort that gave me some random inspiration to be more gymnast-like. I talked about the stretches I’ve been doing in my morning habits post, and 9 months of doing them on a not-so daily but fairly frequently basis, I’ve got my splits!

Now I just need a reason to whip them out.

doing the splits with confidence


I’ve also made it a goal to put myself out there to meet people here in Arizona by attending new groups and meetups. On Sunday, I went to a coffee date meetup and met a few pleasant women. Leading up to it, I was definitely nervous being the newbie to their book club group that has been going on for 4 years.

But really, people who put those groups out there for the public aren’t likely going to reject you. They want new people, so there is no reason to be afraid. Just go be yourself.


This week, I discovered that one of my favorite bloggers who I used to follow during my running days now has a podcast. The Ali on the Run Show is about running, and while I don’t run anymore and maybe it’s not your thing, I just love following this chick. Ali is hilarious, down to earth and not afraid to be who she is. And she loves Celine Dion. Why wouldn’t I follow her?

Oh yes, the inspiration – I listened to her first interview with ultrarunner Emily Halnon and gained a little writing inspo. Emily and Ali are both bloggers and runners, and they draw comparisons to the two in their chat. I loved this because I’ve always compared writing and growing a blog or business to training for a marathon.

And their comments came at a good time for me.

“Even if you don’t feel like running…when you’re training for these races…you just show up and run. Maybe it’s not your best run ever, but you do that. Why don’t you do that with writing?”

If you’ve ever trained for a race, you know. There are plenty of days where running sounds awful, but somehow you’re out there doing it before you can say no.

Every now and then I feel a little writing burnout. I think, nah, I don’t need to do 3 posts this week. I can cut back.

Because I don’t have a deadline or big finish line to push toward, it’s easier to let this burnout keep me from trekking on and putting in the miles.

But this blog and my writing business are important to me, and I have a mission whether it has a race date/deadline or not. I can keep myself accountable and keep putting in the word count even when my thoughts are tired.


I bought new crayons last weekend! And colored a new picture. I’m about due for a new Disney Princess poster-size coloring book, too.

coloring on TGIF!

I also finished a fiction book, Sarah Dessen’s Once and for All. Obviously, things are pretty wild in the fun category this week!

Your Turn

What did you do for fun this week? How did you grow and what did you learn about yourself? Who’s inspiring you? Tell me all about it by leaving a comment here or over on the Naturally Ever After Facebook Page!

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