How to Calm Anxiety Before Public Speaking

Last week I shared my trick that helps me overcome anxiety before introducing myself to a group of people. There’s one problem though – in the midst of an increased heart rate, racing thoughts, sweaty palms and the ol’ lump in throat, it’s not always easy to quiet my mind enough and call on that trick. Sometimes, it takes reinforcements to get there.

Natural reinforcements!!

Do you get anxious when you have to speak up too? Here are my best tips and natural solutions for calming those nerves before speaking in public.

Calm Down with These Natural Remedies

These are my little calm-down reminders when I know I’ll be speaking up, whether in a group or 1-on-1. Try them out for yourself and let me know what you think!

Before you leave the house…

  • Lavender up! Lavender essential oil is the oil of communication. It’s also calming, so it will help counteract those adrenaline rushes. I put a drop over my throat before leaving the house.
  • Meditate. Sit in silence for five minutes and visualize yourself speaking. Visualize what you’re wearing, the expression on your face, and the people in the room. You don’t only have to do this on the day of speaking, but in the days leading up to make it a vision that you start to recognize as normal and casual rather than anxiety-inducing.

LAvendar essential oil natural remedy

Five minutes before speaking…

  • Find one person. Introduce yourself to at least one person in the group before you need to speak in front of others. Move around the room and talk to people individually. Get some of those jitters out in regular conversations. Get your voice warmed up.
  • Do a power pose. Amy Cuddy’s research shows that we can change the way we interact with others by establishing certain body postures. This might sound silly at first, but the power pose is legit and it works! A few minutes before your group meets, head to the bathroom and make a Superwoman stance. Stand tall, chest up, hands on the hips. Fierce, confident and radiant. Just try it!

Thirty seconds before your turn…

  • Take three deep breaths. Use your breath as a trigger to call on an affirmation or mantra that helps you. Try my mindset trick – remind yourself of the people who have to listen to you versus you having to speak. You can be awkward or awesome – what sounds better? Feel into the awesome!
  • Smile. Smile as you wait your turn to speak. Make eye contact with others who are speaking. Avoid looking down or away, and use your body to stir up confident feelings. Smiling helps you feel confident and relaxed. If you completely stumble when you’re speaking, fall back to the smile. It’s a simple trick that you’ve been using every day for your whole life. If people don’t remember what you say, they’ll at least remember your smile!

Go Get ‘Em!

Speaking in general seems to get more fearful for me as I continue to work from home with a dog. Since I don’t communicate with many people in person or on the phone every day, I definitely feel like my social skills are slacking and my anxiety around them is raising.

So, I challenge myself. I try to get out and throw myself into speaking situations frequently so I can practice and get better at this. It’s still terrifying, but I learn something from it every time.

Do you get anxious in speaking situations? Whether it's in a group, 1-on-1, or in phone calls - you're not alone. Learn how to calm your anxiety before speaking.

If certain speaking situations scare you – whether it’s talking to your boss, making phone calls, or introducing yourself to a group of people – I challenge you to do that thing more often. Make it a game to put yourself in that situation. Make time for it in your calendar, whatever you need to do to remind yourself to go for it.

And follow through.

With each situation, you grow. Whether it goes wonderfully or horribly, you grow. And you never know what may come of it.

What can you do this week to practice speaking in front of others? Share your situation in the comments or over on my Facebook Page. We’ll get better at this together!

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