How I Learned to Love My Legs

Do you want to change anything about your physical appearance? Do you have a negative obsession about a specific body part, like your stomach, arms or butt?

Sadly, the majority of women have at least one thing they’d change about their body. That includes me. At least, it used to. I’ve overcome a lot of my physical insecurities, but I still have my days.

I’ve always been self-conscious about my legs. If someone could have magically made my thighs smaller, I would have taken them up on it in a heartbeat.

How I Learned to Love My Legs

But after many years obsessing over how big my legs are, I’ve learned to love and accept them for what they are. It didn’t happen magically though. Keep reading to learn what worked for me and how you can learn to love your perceived flaws as well.

The Big-Butt Craze

My momma passed down the pear-shape trait to me, something I cursed for a long time. I have a small waist and small bust, and I’ve always had a booty. People began making comments about it when I was only in 7th grade!

In my Weight Watcher days, my goal was always to get rid of my butt. Though anytime I lost weight, my butt was still pretty darn big. It wasn’t going anywhere.

I hated my butt, but even more, I hated my big legs. Something had to hold that booty up! It’s funny though, people will joke about your butt or maybe your boobs, but no one will ever say anything about your arms or legs being big. That’s when it becomes mean.

Why is that?

Society, of course. Society actually praises big butts, and the more this became evident (thank you Megan Trainor), the more women told me they wished they had my butt. Of course, it was easier to finally accept that my booty was here to stay.

But the legs were another issue.

Learning to Love My Legs: My Journaling Revelation

I’m determined to love my body, but I’ve had trouble feeling okay with my legs. Just a few months ago, I was sitting cross-legged on the couch, legs spilling out everywhere, feeling negative. Deciding to nip it in the bud right there, I opened my journal. Writing brought me a revelation in my relationship with this body part I’ve always despised.

I wrote down everything I loved about my legs:

  • They allow me to go outside and walk with my dog whenever I want.
  • They completed a marathon (and 9 half marathons!).
  • They allow me to dance and jump on trampolines (two of my favorite pastimes).

What body part do you wish you could change? Can you see the positive? What does that body part allow you to do? Learn how to accept your perceived flaws and fully embrace your body's gifts.

Do you see the underlying theme in those statements? My legs work! They function. They do what they’re meant to do without pain or limitation.

Not everyone has that blessing, and when we obsess about the way a body part looks, we are ultimately just being a little vain. We forget about the real purpose of the body part – is it doing its job properly? That’s what really matters.

See the Value of Your Body Instead of the Vanity

Focus on what your body does and how it feels versus what it looks like.

Do your knees or ankles hurt? Maybe that is a sign you need to take some weight off, but not necessarily for the sake of looking a certain way. Focus on feeling good!

Obsessed with your stomach? I get that, too. I used to lift my shirt up and look at my stomach every time I came across a mirror. Every time! Still, I catch myself doing it from time to time and have to shake it off. How vain! Do this instead – look past the exterior. How does your stomach feel on the inside? Does it do its job to digest food well? If not, that’s your new focus. What food makes your stomach feel great?

How I Learned to Love my Legs

Embarrassed by your arms? How do they feel to you? If they feel weak, focus on making them stronger. The more they’re able to do and the more strength they give you, the more you’ll be able to accept them no matter what they look like.

When something feels better to you, you’ll feel more positive about it. Yes, my legs are big. But anytime that thought crosses my mind now, I immediately think of those 3 things I wrote down. My legs let me walk, they ran a marathon, they let me feel the joy of dancing. Who cares if they’re on the bigger side?

Don’t forget to praise the positive.

My legs are doing a damn good job at what I expect them to do. That in itself makes me happy. I’m going to keep nourishing them by moving, stretching and building them with squats.

If you physically feel good, acknowledge the body part. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable showcasing it and that’s fine, as long as your overall view is loving and accepting.

Let’s stop hating on what makes our bodies unique and start accepting ourselves the way we are.


Is there anything you don’t like about your body? Leave a comment declaring what you love about it, what it allows you to do, why you can’t live without it. Remember this statement any time you have another negative thought about it. 😉

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